Laurel Kuehl


KIA Pastel Painting Materials List


Bring any soft pastels (not oil pastel) you have to the first class. There will also be several different sets available for you to try in class.

If you need to purchase some, here are my recommendations to start out. Half stick sets are the most economical and last a long time with a light touch.

Hard: Prismacolor NuPastel (available locally at Michaels, Hobby Lobby)

Medium: Rembrandt (available online in half stick sets)

Softer: Sennelier (also available in half stick sets)



Textured or sanded papers are best for pastel application. I’ll have some samples of different papers available for you to see.


Bring a sheet of one of these to the first class.

Canson Mi-Teintes is an unsanded, textured paper (available locally at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or online)

Uart 400 or 600 (a good sanded paper - available online, see below)



Reference photo (8 x 10” recommended)

• Paper support (foam core or masonite a few inches larger than your paper)

• Masking or Painter’s tape

Glassine (or waxed paper) to protect your painting in transit to and from class

Small stiff bristle brush (for removing pastel)

4B or softer drawing pencils

Small sketch book (for value studies and notes)

Optional materials will be discussed during class.


Art Supply Stores:


Michaels (S. Westnedge, Portage)

Hobby Lobby (W. Main & Drake, Kalamazoo)

Service Reproduction, 345 Summer Ave, Grand Rapids,

Online: (great source of pastel info, but not the cheapest) (good selection, good prices)